Geology 192: Geology of the Pacific Northwest

The states of the Pacific Northwest display some of the most spectacular geology to be seen anywhere. Four massive mountain systems formed by hundreds of millions of years of compression along the Cascadia Subduction Zone show more than a billion years of Earth history with fragments of crust that have been carried there from around the world.

Destinations include Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and Glacier National Parks. Other possible sites include Mt. St. Helens, Lava Beds, Mt. Rainier, and many other state and national parks.

The trip will take place on June 17-July 1, 2017. The total cost will be $800 plus tuition. The MJC Geology Club will be doing fundraisers this year to help alleviate the cost for students. Check out the Geology Club Facebook page for more information.

For up-to-date announcements, check out the trip facebook page at

Syllabus & Documents


Geology 192 is a 3 unit academic course, and you will be responsible for several things to earn a grade:

  • Submitting complete lecture notes
  • Submitting the trip workbook
  • Occasional quizzes during the trip
  • Presentation of at least one topic during the trip

For questions and more information:

Contact Garry Hayes (209-575-6294)



Contact Garry Hayes at 209-575-6294 or e-mail.Mt. Wapta and Burgess Shale