Classes I Teach

Geology 161: Physical Geology

Learn about rocks and minerals, earthquakes, volcanoes, and other geological hazards and processes

Geology 165: California Geology

Our state is one of the most intriguing places on our planet. Learn about the Sierra Nevada, Cascades volcanoes, the San Andreas Fault, and much more!
Geology 166: Historical Geology

The Earth has undergone many changes over the course of 4.6 billion years. Learn about the dinosaurs and other forms of ancient life, as well as the movements of continents and the growth of mountain ranges around the world and in the American West.

One-Day Geology Field Studies (Geology 172, 173, 175, 176)
A single day of traveling in central California reveals an incredible landscape of different geological features, without the stress of camping and getting dirty...
Geology 187: Geology of the Death Valley Region
Death Valley: the hottest, driest, and lowest place in the western hemisphere. It is a wonderful place to be in February!

Geology 185: Geology of the California's Volcanoes

We tour the potentially active volcanoes of the southern Cascades: Shasta, Crater Lake, Medicine Lake Highland, and Lassen Peak

Geology 186: Geology of the Eastern Sierra Nevada
An exploration of the awesome eastern escarpment of the Sierra Nevada, the White Mountains and the Long Valley Caldera.
Geology 191 - Geology of the Colorado Plateau (Summer 2018)

Exploring one of the most incredible landscapes on planet Earth: Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Arches, Canyonlands, Black Canyon, Mesa Verde, and many other parks and monuments of the Four Corners region.