Geology 191: Colorado Plateau Field Studies -               June 11-26, 2015

La Sal Mtns through ArchInterested in geology and the earth sciences? Interested in teaching science? What's next? Summer is the training ground for learning geology and the earth sciences in the field. MJC offers a unique mix of field courses that will give you excellent preparation for advancement towards a university degree, or towards a science teaching credential. Or maybe you are just plain interested in knowing more about the Earth!

Imagine yourself on the high plateaus of central Utah hunting for dinosaurs, or on the brink of a 5,000 foot deep canyon in Arizona, or searching for gemstones in the Nevada-Utah desert. Imagine hunting for Pueblo cliff dwellings in a quiet deserted canyon on the Colorado-Utah border or in New Mexico. Imagine taking a trip in a time machine to the distant past, when dinosaurs roamed the planet, continental landmasses drifted and collided, and seas covered vast areas of the American west. If this picture is appealing, consider one of MJC's most unique summer offerings: Geology 191: The Geology of the Colorado Plateau.

This trip isn't for everybody. We will spend two weeks on the road, camping every night in conditions that will range from overly hot to unseasonably cool, with all the threats of living outdoors: blazing sun, wind and dust storms, thunder and lightning, bugs and . . . tourists. It will also include dark starlit skies, glorious sunsets and sunrises, impossibly beautiful vistas, and tours of some of the most incredible landscapes in the world. If this sounds like your kind of adventure, consider joining us!

The cost of the trip is $850.00, which includes food, transportation, and teaching materials (Registration fees are extra). We will have two organizational meetings. Previous experience in geology or earth science is highly recommended, but not required (be ready to have a crash course in basic principles before we leave).

Syllabus & Documents

Scheduled Campsites and Tentative Localities (June 11-26, 2015)

6/11: Mojave Scenic Area, CA-  Borax open-pit mine, Calico Ghost Town, Kelso Sand Dunes, Hole in the Wall                                   

6/12: South Rim, Grand Canyon, AZ - Diamond Creek                            

6/13: South Rim, Grand Canyon, AZ - Walhalla Plateau and Cape Royal, Inner Canyon or Rim Trail hiking.                            

6/14: Holbrook, AZ - Wupatki National Monument, Sunset Crater National Monument, Meteor Crater

6/15: Coal Mine Camp near Grants, NM - Petrified Forest National Park, El Morro National Monument, El Malpais National Monument

6/16: Santa Fe, NM - Acoma, the Sky City, Tent Rocks National Monument      

6/17: Bandelier National Monument, NM - Pecos National Historical Park, Bandelier National Monument

6/18: Chaco Culture National Historical Park, NM - Jemez Caldera, Jemez Pueblo

6/19: Mesa Verde National Park, CO - Chaco Canyon, Aztec Ruins, Durango

6/20: Mesa Verde National Park, CO - Chapin Mesa, Far View, Wetherill Mesa, Spruce Tree House, Step House, Cliff Palace

6/21: Cedar Mesa, Utah - Hovenweap Canyon, Mule Canyon, Natural Bridges National Monument

6/22: Navajo National Monument - Goosenecks of the San Juan, Monument Valley, Black Mesa Mines

6/23: Zion National Park, Utah -  Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, Glen Canyon Dam, Coral Pink Sand Dunes

6/24: Great Basin National Park, Nevada - Zion Canyon, Lava Point and/or Kolob Canyons

6/25: Berlin/Ichthyosaur State Pk, Nevada - Mono Lake, Yosemite National Park

Instructor: Garry Hayes